I’ve been a little self-involved recently. Well, to be fair I’m not sure I would call it “self-involved,” I suppose it would be more along the lines of adaptability.  I have explored ways to better communicate the rapidly changing world of journalism and as it relates from the perspective of a photographer and photo editor. And this has taken me deeper into the world of social media. I have already been using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger. Which brings me to this post and WordPress.

For sometime now I have felt as though Blogger and I were growing apart. I first I thought it was my photography, that I had nothing important, meaningful, witty or even, Buddha forbid, self-promotional to share. I thought that all these “other” social media sites were pulling me in with their slick and flashy appearance, wearing the latest and hottest fashions in blogging. I’d look over at Blogger and it was wearing yesterday’s sad, shabby fashion. It was looking frumpy, unkempt, totally having let itself go. I realized we no longer had anything in common. I began to stray. I started look at other blogging formats. It was intoxication and I sort of guilty, Blogger had been there from the beginning…when I believed I no longer had a photographic vision. Blogger encouraged me, beckoned at me to return each day, to post photos, write stories and share my life through photography. And now here I am. On a different blogging platform…and it feels GOOD!

Okay, so a little fiction. But, I have to say there was a sort of weird emotion about leaving a site that I had really grown…well…accustomed to. And that very notion is what slows me down. So as not to blather on, I’ll leave with one of my favorite quotes and a recent photo as I become more acquainted with my new “life” here on WordPress.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

                                                                               Eleanor Roosevelt US diplomat and reformer (1884 – 1962)